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Are you enthusiastic about languages and cultures? Do you have a knack for teaching and wish to inspire language learners? We invite you to join our dynamic team as a language instructor! Whether you’re fluent in French, a maestro in Spanish, or proficient in German, your skills are invaluable in helping students embark on their own language learning journey.

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    Engage in a rich exchange of cultures and languages with students from diverse backgrounds, teach in various settings, from virtual classrooms to interactive, in-person sessions, benefit from resources and workshops designed to enhance your teaching methods and linguistic expertise, and earn an attractive salary.
    1. Passion for languages and intercultural communication.
    2. Proven proficiency in the language(s) you wish to teach.
    3 .Ability to create a lively, interactive, and inclusive learning environment.
    4. Experience in language teaching is preferred but not mandatory for enthusiastic beginners.
    • Online Application: Complete our online form, detailing your language proficiency and any teaching experience.
    • Documents: Attach your CV, cover letter expressing your passion for language teaching, and relevant educational documents attesting to your proficiency in the target language.
    • Demonstration and Interview: Be prepared to showcase your teaching approach in a demo lesson and discuss your methodologies in an interview.
    • Join Our Language Community: Once onboard, you’ll be part of a vibrant team, imparting language skills and cultural insights to eager learners.